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Check out the Rasta Reggae Message to Queen Elizabeth II - Knower of York®. Provisioning opportunities to educate oneself and to educate the community according to equanimity, justice, and ordainment. The ordained laws of The Royal United Kingdom of Great Britain have bettered humanity. According to the visions of the Rastafarian Elders, purveying ordainment associated with Imperial Majesty Hailie Selassie, Marcus Garvey, and The Great Black Leaders of the past century including Kwame Nkrumah. The sect of Rastafarianism sustains many followers throughout the Globe and according to this following we are able to reach the masses. Many Rastafarians are Coptic Christians and others are Old Testament Jews. The Twelve Tribes Sect is of the Old Testament Jews, believing in the holiness of The Judaic Scriptures. We are showcasing the best of Rastafarian Peace Protest Music and music for Pacifism which endows humanity to spread the message of Social Justice, Societal Order, and Economic Structural Cohesion. The means of development for Rastafari is in respecting the rich lineage and history of Black Africa.

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