According to a English Chancery Report, interpreted by Tafari Ras Akwasi Baafi (Ghanaman), Rastafarians are a target of Officialdom Integrated Hate Groups

Dutch NAZI Extortion Court (ICC at The Hague): Referential Facts to Eradicate Unlawful Protocols of Germany, Netherlands, and remnants of Third Reich

The organized enslavement of Akans during the 15th Century commenced an onslaught of death for Africa. The most recent of Atrocities is the targeting of Rastafarian Reggae Artists by Right Wing Extremists based in Confederate America, and their interconnected network circumscribing Italy, Germany, and Mainland EU Zones. Anthony B, murdered on May 24, 2019 between 5:38 - 5:39 PM EST, by a team of Corrupt Injudicious Court Workers in Massachusetts, Alabama, and greeted by the 'current' Pope of the 'Vatican' whilst falsely and inaccurately attributed to a murder by way of Low Resolution Forward Looking Infrared Satellite Imagery, is the latest Tafari victim of this White Pride Hate Group which is slated to be neutralized, through dissipate heliate disadhesive bonding process procured from Spatial Scientific Research in the 1950's, by British CERN Satellites using incrementalization in the next 2 months.

Queen Elizabeth appears to be their first victim, killed whilst meditating in Scotland sitting in her living room during April 30, 2019 12:04 AM EST. Massachusetts Rebels operating from State Resource Centres, Japanese Fascist Scientists, and Criminals disbanded to Australia during the Twentieth Century are one of the known sources of the heinous murder, according to a report written by Prince William of England in October 2019.

Chronologically Documenting Differment of Tafari:

At Rasta Radio™, developed by William Akwasi Eaton Baafi (Tafari Ras Akwasi [Ghanaman]) circa 2005 August - 2019 December, our primary objective is to survive the influential Tafari Music Rarities released in Jamaica whilst WWIII Commenced. In specific routing, Tafari Ras Akwasi's experiential comparative study of Akan Philosophical Systems has divulged crucial Scientific Concepts for progress of Akan-British Civilization. Acceampong freed Jamaica during the early 1800's, with commencement of the mission during the American Revolutions. Considering that Tafari Jamaica Royal U.K. has been suppressed, we are logging such unscrupulous prevaricative methods of Babylon. Similar to the Economic Isolation faced by The Republic of Ghana during its first two years of Independence, whilst the Ghanaian Pound revaluated to 2:1 credence against American Standardized Currency. There is a definitive connection between the isolation of Ghana's Sustainable Economic Sectors with the means of deprivement faced by Tafari's Chanters whom proclaim messages of Manumission. Currently, we see thousands of Tafari's Chanters being isolated from speaking freely, a clear and evidentiary violation of their Constitutional Rights, according to British Parliamentary Documents sealed in the early 1800's during Queen Victoria's Reign. Noted to DJ Ras Kojak in 2005, most of Tafari's Chanters are relegated to consume Marijuana when isolated. This interferes with the logical apparatus of Freedom concurred in a process of Erudition, Cognizance, Privity, Conscience, Pansophy, Acroamatics, Cognoscence, Dilettantism, Rudimentary Cognitive Process, Edification, and Novitiation.

Tafari proclaimed in meetings with British Leadership and Subjects of UK Constitutional Freedoms in Jamaica.

Humiliative Entrapment Geolocation Sources:

The NAZI Groups and European Piracy Organizations which caused tumult within Jamaica subsequent to the Manumission Protocols of 1837 need to be documented, rather than sought violently using Air Based Quelling Systems operated by Baltic/Nordic/UK Alliance Defence Command. Given UT Ras was killed by Axis Air Defence Systems in June 2019, we recommend that Tafari Jamaica operate calmly and with acuity to progress. Peaceful Gatherings are not recommended at this time of War, rather, notwithstanding, Tafari should isolate in regions safe from Air Based Attacks. The Objective of The ICC at The Hague was to annihilate all Tafari's Followers in Ethiopia, Ghana, and Jamaica. Guinean NAZI Coinciders whom were parties to war in Liberia, protecting Charles Taylor's Assets from Seizure commenced the latest iteration of Death for Tafari's Followers. Arab NAZI's and German/Dutch NAZI's working with French Bankers have yielded at least $4000 Quadrillion in assets during this purge. It is a commencement of WWIII, operated primarily by Bankers protecting resources of European Piracy. According to a report obtained from CIA Director Woolsey in November 2019, German Polizei heisted The ICC at The Hague in an effort to afford monies to Syrian War Victims whom now operate a Prostitution Slavery Game South of the Danish/Swedish Border Latitudes through 'Germany'. Disaffected in the German Zoo of 'White European' Denigrate Miscreants and Malefactors to Tafari, which is a chaos inertia Experiment, Tafari is recommended to vacate any region where NAZI's operated Concentration Camps. CERN Satellite Evidence documents the Recreation of Expugnation Exponiant Death.

Assent Programme - English Chancery Statements:

Given the Rebellion Sources, English Chancery proverbs from 1808-1812 were analyzed to avert interpretative dissent to utilize sources of Virginia, Washington D.C., and Maryland to develop remediate resultant processes to assure survival of British Kingdom Assets, including Royal U.K. Panoplies and Regalias. Tafari was one of the selections afforded from English Chancery Documents, considering the parallel timeframes, it required 30 years until 1837 A.D. to confer rewards unto the Maroons. Methodist programmes deployed at this time are considered most useful, particularly the communiques and messages of Akan Outpost Tafari Patriots.

Consequences to Humiliative Entrapment:

Intensive Economic Depravation and Societal Iniquity. According to US Treasury Surveillance, victims of Public Corruption Sourced Oppression are often unaware of the deprecate systems in which the denial of Constitutional Rights intensifies. Inadvertently, Contiguous Corresponding Decay within Societies is pervaded similar to reactions of Planetary Elements which maintain Isotopic Instability. As Tafari Ras Akwasi Baafi describes through interpretive Comparative Applied Science: the "Ghetto Galaxy is like a Black Hole where Negroids Distribute Drugs to..stack though..Entropy within the Energy.."

Interregnum: Negroids must vacate all methods of Crime, including Consumption and Dispensation of Marijuana. Uplifter was killed in 2005, whilst documenting Babylon's Evilous Incursions of Death. The participate inertia deployment, whereby Negroids are incited through controlled imputations to commit crimes, works to cause a anarchical dishevelment; The imputed systematization to apply inertias and momentums of Black Culture to Augmentative Implementation of Varied Crime, aggravates the situation of decadence Negroids, and specifically Akan Peoples face. Oscillative Transient Fraud appears to be most commonly used, thus considering the leadership of the Akan Nation to divulge the end of Slavery Worldwide, Tafari is recommended to create subvert stabilization processes similar to the process whereby Acceampong entered Jamaica with Jewish and British Navies in disguise to afford liberation. Not considering the forced subjugation, cordonment of Freedom can be counteracted by Methodized Protocolia of Success, gathered through Knowledge Acquisition, Discernment, Wisdom and Sapience. Using Marijuana to attain such Logics is not recommended, and only infuses further discordant inertia.

Directory of Imperial Tafari Songs concerning Humiliative Entrapment 'Allocution':

Marijuana has caused the incurred murders of Uplifter, Anthony B, and many of Tafari's Akan Patriots. We ask Tafari UK to advise Tafari Jamaica - to document incursions which have caused harm to the Akan People residing in the British Sovereign Collimations. The survival of Akans depends on Nkrumah's initial Vision to work with England and to Free Africa as one British Commonwealth, denoted in Higher Currency Values and Stable Economies. When Ghana's Currency was valued at 2:1 in comparison to the US Dollar, Kennedy immediately outlawed Trading in Gold Bullion within USA. This decision may have been denoted as extremely provident to assure the Slave Masters' Enthrallment would be seized.

Considering the Integrate Iterate Decisions of US Congress can help UK Jamaica, and UK Akans, we request the discourse be structured more formally in songs, using the evidentiary proof of Capleton, Sizzla, Tony Rebel, Anthony B, and others to utilize the communique methods which are impervious to Hyperbolic Misintepretation.

Documentation of Inaction within Banking:

Source of Intricate Inaction and Oscillative Transient Fraud would be Laundering Operations associated with Iberian Infiltrates working in coalition with South American/Central American Drug Cartels whom have worked to ruin acuity measures of Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, Treasury (OCC)
Agencies Infiltrated by Iberian NAZI Movement: Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, Treasury (OCC), Office of Thrift Supervision, Treasury (OTS); Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System (Board); Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC); and Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

A Communications Fraud Program developed by Cisco Systems in 2001, to obtain monies from the recovery effort in New York City, is cited as one of the key factors resolute within the murder of Anthony B and Queen Elizabeth II. Considering that companies have amassed wealth from the organized covert defraudment of US Congressional Official Appropriations, we recommend Tafari report any concerns of defraudment to GAO in Washington D.C.

Targets of Cleansing Operation: Denigrate Iberian / Franco / Germanic Race Infiltrates whom have heisted and hijacked Democratic Progress with USA during period of Spring 2017 - Winter 2019. Debased Operations of Economic Deprivement will be neutralized by way of Isolative Inertia - remediating Infiltrate Systems deployed in clausal incredence.

Consequences of Injudicion:

Hyperbolic Interpretations Abounding

Monitoring the process, we ask Tafari to issue commentary whilst conferring Nomenclature, Diction, and Terminologies which dissect the Statistical Means of Oppression. Logging deprecate forms of Oppression can take periods of Decades. The Decadence is obviated as a severe form of Obfuscative Covertment.

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