Documenting Dutch/German Colonialism in Africa
Emotive History of NAZI Germany and Integration with Apartheid South Africa: Economic Growth and Development through Obtaining Apology as well as Recompense Package for South Africa from Dutch Kingdom of Netherlands and Dutch Foreign Ministry
Emotive History of NAZI Germany and Integration with Apartheid South Africa: Recompense Now, Remediative Economic Design and Engineering through Truth, Reconciliation, Just Democratic Order and Societal Ordainment
Emotive History of NAZI Germany and Integration with Apartheid South Africa: Anti-Apartheid Societal Engineering through Examples of Democratic Stability and Sustainable Free Societies of Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Ghana
Comprehending The Evils of Apartheid and Racist Oppressive Logic

In 1931 South Africa became an 'independent' nation, or transposed wing of NAZI Germany as it rose to power in specified regions of Mainland Europe, of which was ruled by White Dutch and German Settlers unjustly until 1994. This seizure of power occurred after the abrogation of the Statutes of Westminster and incitement of World War I as British Missionaries were killed in Southern Africa whilst working with British Abolitionists to encourage Freedom, Justice, Equality and Erudition for Africans. The start of the process of Abolitionist Christianity reaching Africa occurred in Ghana during the early 1800's, when Slavery was abolished throughout British Sovereign Lands. Given Britain entered West Africa to spread Christianity, which helped in many regards, the nature of reverse logic used by the Apartheid Forces of Europe must be analyzed. The strategists of NAZI Oppression used the British Example of Freedom in Ghana to mask their processes of hatred induction and separation of Races.

In 1938, the Netherlands and South Africa officially established diplomatic relations, of which were coordinated as a wing of the NAZI Regime of Adolf Hitler and Himmler, whom operated as the 'Official' the head of German Stazi. This regime targeted Black Africans of the Bantu and Niger-Kongo Ethnic Group in 'Kamerun', 'German Togoland', 'Tanganyika', Rwanda, Burundi, and German Southwest Africa aka Namibia. The Colony of German South West Africa, which was founded as an Independent Black African Republic in 1994, notably late in Post-Colonial History, demonstrating the evil of German Dutch NAZI Rule. This temporal fact also demonstrates the modern and actuated nature of Dutch NAZI and German NAZI Integration, particularly with the rise of NAZI Sympathizers globally. Uruguay and Paraguay, both locations where NAZI's went to in order to avoid capture by Mossad and British Secret Intelligence Surveillance Forces, were used to spread NAZI'ism into Spanish Populations in modern times.

During World War II (1939-1945) both South Africa and Netherlands were compatriots fighting against The Allies. In this Great War, The Allies included Baltic Nations which were facing severe oppression from NAZI's.

In 1948, the South African government, at the time representing the oppressor settler class, erected a system of strict racial segregation which was to afflict Africa's Power Structure for Centuries, causing major power vacuums, Economically Exploitative Civil War, Internecine Conflict, Societal Discordance, Social Incohesioon, called Apartheid. Apartheid or separation of Races which is a codified system of racial oppression to ensure the failure of Africans in obtaining equitable means of governance, which first began to take form in South Africa under the Dutch Empire in the late eighteenth century, was the most unlawful institution of Human Rights Violation during modern history. The Dutch Government specifically ordinanced and coordinated the apartheid government in South Africa. In 1949, during the visit of South African Prime Minister Daniel Fran├žois Malan to the Netherlands, Dutch Queen Juliana told her guest that she would "never set foot in his country as long no apartheid reigned". This was due to her Sexual Paranoia about Black Integration with Whites and derided Racial Viewpoints on Black Racial 'Inferiority'.

-Message from Founder Ras Kwasi - Historical Documents regarding Apartheid, even this page, may be inaccurate due to censorship.

The Dutch majorly benefited from the Platinum, Rhodium, Ruthenium, Gold, Diamond, Manganese, Bauxite, Copper, Silver and other Mineral Deposits Extraction and Exhaustion in South Africa & Namibia, and throughout Africa during the 1800's and 1900's, until 1993, 1999, and 2003 respectively. In 1993, Apartheid was lightly reduced to deploy Mandela into power whilst Black South Africans lived in squalor. In September 1999, after the proud establishment of The African Union ordained by Libya's Socialist and nominal Dictator Muammar Qadafi, Blacks and other minorities including Angolan and Mozambican Emigrants were able to fare slightly better in The Republic of South Africa, whilst Whites were diminishing their control over the Political System. White South Africans, particularly Dutch, were still in control of the nation's economic vitality structures, including Major Business and Fiduciary Extraction Operations. The Truth and Reconciliation Commission actually prevented punishment for most persons involved in Grotesque Human Rights violations during Apartheid.

Noteworthy is the fact that Dutch Apartheid Forces likely were a major factor in the commencement of the Liberia Civil War after Organized Protests in 1987 which shut down an important Gold Mine, according to sources at The US Defense Department. The Dutch, after suffering major economic losses due to Protests at Precious Minerals Sources in South Africa, commenced operations as players in Liberia's Civil War, eventually working with all sides to extract Mineral Wealth from Sierra Leone's Eastern Region and Liberia's Nimba County during The Liberia/Sierra Leone Holocaust. Sources close to Apartheid Minerals Trading magnates have conferred that the entire conflict may have been an economic reaction to Minerals Sourcing Shutdowns via protesting in South Africa. The waves of Conflicts in Africa during this time may have been sourced in NAZI Rule of the oontinent, whilst Asian Minerals Investors sought new sources for Precious Natural Mineral Resource Commodities to fuel Growth in Asian Markets, particularly Japan and China.

We would suggest that analysis be conducted to review Dutch Society, particularly in relation to Race Relations.

According to persons in the Anti-Apartheid Community, The International Criminal Court at The Hague could have been established in Netherlands to ensure Dutch Oppression of Africans was never to be charged by International Authorities which would include The Sovereign Government of United Kingdom of Great Britain, and moreover, that seizures of African Minerals could be coordinated through Apparatus in this part of Europe to develop a plethora of Dutch Government Mineral Reserves.

Whilst working to provide basic testimonial evidence to The International Criminal Court at The Hague my physical security was threatened, my livelihood as a Web UI Designer was terminated, I was deceived in regards to my Core and Essential Human Rights, and told to not document Dutch Apartheid in Hip Hop Music Productions. I, Ras Kwasi - William AE Baafi, am not an equivocal expert on Dutch Apartheid in comparison to the many African Scholars and Scientists living throughout Southern Africa, erstwhile, in context of the many persons whom have died whilst documenting the evils of Dutch Rule in Africa, my plight is not diminished in perspective of Dutch Racial Oppression, Dutch NAZI Contrivements, and Dutch Supremacist Methodologies of Oppression.

A Dutch Politican whose role was to assist The International Criminal Court at The Hague in ensuring Economic Yields from Mineral Seizures would be intensified by Court Apparatus, in 2018 July confirmed that I shall not document the history regarding Dutch German Integrated NAZI Rule in Namibia and South Africa. The Dutch Politician told me directly to 'shut up and stop recording' the song Ghanaman aka Ras Kwasi - 'Africa as an Internecine Conflict Playground', which was intensively changed after this Constitutional Violations of my Rights to Free Speech due to emotional damage.

In April 1993 during the time of Easter, Nelson Mandela was released from prison after serving over 30 years. Mandela was never free from Apartheid as Premier of South Africa. The election held after in 1994 may have led to a number of assassination attempts on Mandela which he never recovered from.

The arrest and torture of South African Protestors led to uprisings throughout Southern Africa in waves. Disasters prevailed in nations, specifically South Africa and South West Africa during the 1960's - 1990's until Dutch and German Apartheid, which were confluent forms of Colonian Oppression, ended. Although Africans were conferred rule of their nations since the times of decolonization, which commenced with Ghana in 1957, the conditions of squalor, poverty, and heinous iniquity continued and were promulgated by poverty specifically in Haiti and Jamaica.

It is recommended as Daweh Congo stated, not to go out and commit harm or engage in frolic behavior. This was an important statement for such a profound artist. Rioting will never end oppression. Societal Disorder makes oppression intensely worse.

I believe wholeheartedly in ordainments of justice being deployed through cumulative reciprocity amongst Economic Blocs which shall maintain the intent to assist disadvantaged classes of Africans particularly such as groups in Libya, Chad, Niger, and Central African Republic. This specific Economic Bloc must arise to ensure that the goals of Social Democracy are met to ordinate success for the masses of unemployed and disaffected, including Youth Groups whom have no poignant voice in Democracy. The hopes for nations such as Chad, which has been massively exploited and diverted from the agilities of Economic Empowerment by way of commutative destruction and mineral exploitation requires assessment at The United Nations Security Council.

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