Kingdom of Netherlands: Morgue of Europe

Apartheid generated intense earnings for Dutch Businesses. During the height of Warfare in Sierra Leone, Dutch Streets were littered with Diamond Marketing Stores, operating in a dangerous network which facilitated Torture to yield earnings. We are documenting the earnings of Dutch Businesses from Apartheid in the past Century for an actuarial recompensatory assessment to assure specific laundered Dutch Wealth amassed through unlawful harm to Africa's Ecological Stability will be seized by IMF Systems, and distributed over the next 500 years to African victims of Racism, Warfare, and other contrivement inculcations. When entering Netherlands during 1999, the obviation of Injustice was evident. The ICC at The Hague was formed as a means to institute Indemnification Methods for Dutch Investors associated with Apartheid and NAZI Germany's invasion of British Protectorates obliged by Parliamentary Abolition of Slavery, Torture, Wanton Destruction Attacks, and other methods of oppression.

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