Houses of Tafari Makonnen and Houses of Lords - Paramount Chieftaincies of British Commonwealth Nations and Order of Change
Houses of Lords and Houses of Tafari - Comparing Ordainment with Principle
Mansa Musa holding a Gold Nugget from Mali West Africa - Ancient Ghana Empire...The domination of the people of Ghana weakened and their power declined prior to entering British Commonwealth Order
Mansa Musa holding a Gold Nugget from Mali West Africa - Ancient Ghana Empire...The domination of the people of Ghana weakened and their power declined...The domination of the people of Ghana weakened and their power declined prior to entering British Commonwealth Order
Commonwealth Rastafarian Reconnaissance
Tafari Makonnen and British Commonwealth Esteem
Self-Reliance and the awards of longevity can ensure The African Race of humankind will succeed to defeat the oppression caused by unregulated trade. Speaking against Babylon's Systems of Self-Destruction and plans to ruin accord within our communities would construably be important for the objectives of Tafari Makonnen in developing a World without Race. Babylon is not The Royal United Kingdom of Great Britain nor its Commonwealth Partners, specifically Ghana, Sierra Leone, Namibia, South Africa, Rwanda, and Mozambique. Babylon is the exploitative system of Imperial Foes of Africa that continued the process of slavery, injudicion, Racism, and iniquity throughout the continent since the ending of Colonialism in that expanse.
Royal U.K. Rastafari :|: Propagating Change and Progress
Tafari Makonnen and British Commonwealth Esteem
The Roots Reggae Scene in England requires more attention given the lack of pipeline for artists to enter the International Market. The Queen of England Her Majesty Elizabeth II Hath stated that Rastafari shall remain through the test of time, knowing that her meeting with Tafari Makonnen Holy Emperor of Abyssinia shall be eventualized into a success for the United Dominions of Africa. The message of The Queen bestowing upon Rastafari the leadership role that they have earned is now exalted. The momentum of the U.K. Reggae Scene is obviated through diversity and strength. One of the top U.K. Roots artists currently is Martin Campbell, the prolific Vocalist, Multi-Instrumentalist, and Producer hailing from within British Commonwealth Regions.
British Commonwealth Value
Tafari Makonnen and British Commonwealth Esteem
Black Africans whom unite to mitigate the aftereffects of Colonialism, NeoColonialism, Imperialist European and Asian Encroachment may defeat the associative auxiliary apparatus of NAZI'ism and the emotional apathy associated with White Institutional Oppression and Exploitation of Africa. The trickery used by the Anti-Semitic European Factions and NAZI's who have destroyed Africa's Unification and Development is one of the most pure forms of Evil known to mankind. The structures of oppression are rooted in denial of Rights to Africans and denial of truth regarding the contributions of Africans to humankind's survival. The invasion and usurpation of Africa has decayed the ability of Africans to maintain progress. British Commonwealth Africa has defeated this process by uniting with The United Kingdom of Great Britain. The exemplification of progress is demonstrated by the Unity of British Commonwealth Africa.

Ordainments Of British Commonwealth Value to Remediate Racism:

With proven diligence advantage, British Commonwealth Democratic Value can remediate the aftereffects of oppression that Africa has faced. Tafari Makonnen's objective was to work with Britain to assure Africa's success. This process commenced during the 1920's and extended into the 1930's when he was Crowned Emperor of Ethiopia. Notes from his meetings with British Authorities confirm this point. On February 1, 1965, The Queen of England, Elizabeth II, and The Duke of Edinburgh met with Haile Selassie Tafari Makonnen to develop programmes to assist in deploying Unity, Accord, Freedom, and Justice throughout Africa. Enemies of Haile Selassie have even claimed that he worked as a Divide and Rule Emperor whilst he drove out Italian Fascists with British Support. The documentation in regards to the enemies of Selassie is extensive, thus we ask stringent followers of Tafari Makonnen Menelik to conduct a verdant counterfuge operation whilst obtaining Reconnaissance.

Ancient Ghana:

Al-Bakri records that succession to the imperial throne of Ghana was by hereditary inheritance through the maternal line: 'This is their custom and habit, that the kingdom is inherited only by the son of the king's sister.' He goes on to explain the custom as follows: 'The king has no doubt that his successor is a son of a sister, while he is not certain that his son is in fact his own, and he does not rely on the genuineness of his relationship'.

Administration of Justice in Ancient Ghana:

The supreme judicial power in the empire was vested in the emperor, assisted by a hierarchy of subordinate officials. Two types of suits were clearly distinguished for the purposes of administering law and order.

Civil Cases:

Civil Suits arose from two sources. The first were cases between two or more individual citizens arising from disputes over their mutual rights. The second were cases where either the individual was seeking redress from the state for trespassing over his rights, or, the state laid claims against the citizen. Al Bakri gives a graphic description of how civil suits were disposed of. He records that the king gave regular audience to his people to listen to their complaints and set them right. He then gives a detailed description of the court scene. The king sat in a pavilion around which stood pages, holding shields and gold-mounted swords: and on his right were the sons and princes of his empire, splendidly clad, and with gold plaited into their hair. The governor of the capital was seated on the ground in front of the king, and all around him sat his royal councillors. Al Bakri goes on to record that the beginning of a royal audience was announced by the beating of a kind drum which they call daba, made of a long piece of hollowed wood; the people gathered when they heard this sound.

Criminal Cases:

In criminal cases the accused was tried by ordeal. Al Bakri provides us with the details of this practice in the following words:

When a man is accused of denying a debt or having shed blood, or some other crime, a headman takes a piece of wood which is sour and bitter to taste, and pours upon it some water which he then gives to the defendant to drink. If the man vomits, his innocence is accepted, and he is congratulated. If he does not vomit and the drink remains in his stomach, the accusation is justified. The court then administered the appropriate punishment, as prescribed by law and custom. Trial by ordeal was not peculiar to the Ghana empire alone. It has been practised by nearly all ancient peoples. Indeeed it has not entirely disappeared altogether in certain parts of less advanced countries. We have no clear evidence that the kings of Ghana maintained a standing army. (SOURCE: West Africa Since A.D. 1000 - Book One: The People by F.K. Buah - Page 40-42)

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