Houses of Tafari Makonnen and Houses of Lords - Paramount Chieftaincies of British Commonwealth Nations and Order of Change
Houses of Lords and Houses of Tafari - Comparing Ordainment with Principle
Ancient Ghana Empire
Ancient Ghana Empire
Judaic Islamic Unity, Accordance and Ordainment (Success)
Tafari Makonnen and British Commonwealth Esteem
Palestine is Free. NAZI Oppression has been eliminated in Holy Lands. Ahad, ajlun, Saa'la'at. Bin Laden did not need to sacrifice his life. He could have formed a Regulated Charity which assured that NAZI'ism and NAZI Oppression ended; Moreover that Muslims do not work for NAZI Methods. Israel was attacking Islamic Persons due to NAZI Intrigue Psyche Reaction. Actual Judaics have located a Peaceful Solution through Unity. Syrian Judaics and Alawites know this. Syrian Muslims know this. Hittites are not Syrians. There is a parallel with Hittite Invasion and Communism used amongst Muslims. Cornering these Oppressive interests would be advisable. Moussaui identified a key injustice in the Coup D'Etat Attempt of 9/11/2001 ordered by Fascists.
Bin Laden Network and Rogue States (Sabotage)
Tafari Makonnen and British Commonwealth Esteem
The Bin Laden Network commenced their infiltration of States within The United States of America during the 1980's. The segmented sabotage methodology deployed through their systems includes all aspects of Governance globally according to one report. The means of their network's control shall be destroyed through Syrian Judaic Methodologies.
British Commonwealth Value
Tafari Makonnen and British Commonwealth Esteem
The attacks of 9/11/2001 were caused by Rogue Elements of Governance in The United States of America.

Affordance of Prosperity to Judaics, Muslims, Alawites and others within Holy Lands is requisite to assure sustainable order within the Occidental SubRegion. The means of conflict between Judaics, Muslims, and Christians of the Holy Lands was caused by NAZI Invasion, by way of the Axis which is sourced in Mediterranean Europe. Ibn Battuta and Leo Africanus saw these methods being used in North Africa during the invasion of the Maghreb by Invaders sourced in Roman 'Empire' Regions.

Mainland Europe, particularly all European Fiefdoms that were invaded by NAZI's during the early 1800's - 1930's, are the nominal Centre of Babylon Oppression; forming the recalcitrant Head of Babylon. Their retaliative and evil oppugnation to incite insurrection in Sovereign Regions of British Commonwealth Africa are the means by which Black Populations and even vulnerable Nordics and Baltics are oppressed through attractive method. Notably, the exploitative exaltations of Babylon can be documented through procedural clarity in the evidentiary obviations of apathy, coldness, and velitation of their populations and their semblances of Democracy, whilst they skirmish against British Commonwealth Interests during the methodically deployed progress of BREXIT and The United Kingdom's means to combat invasive economic divagation by EU Investment Houses.

Theresa May in April 2019 confirmed that 60 Million British Africans will be deployed as conducive planks to establish an attractive method to stabilize British Africa. Reprobate Debtor Criminal Colonies are the eliminants in this programme.

The methods currently entailed, including aggregative fringe benefit and covertment, utilized by European Investment Houses with monies remnanted from NAZI Germany's Occupation of Europe and Africa, are apparently variegated supplantments to utilize any known or unknown esconced technique for the purpose of extracting fiduciary resources through centrifuged obreptitious shade from the British Sovereign Regions and other vulnerable regions of the World.

The rich culture, expansive resources, and extensive wealth of The United Kingdom's Sovereign Dominions are the primary attraction force to ensure enemies of British Commonwealth Value are quelled summarily through Judicion and Permanent Justice. British Commonwealth Africa and British Commonwealth Culture spanning from Jamaica and the West Indies are specifically a target of NAZI and Fascist Forces in European Union Zones, whereby their centrifugal source is Netherlands, Czech Republic, Germany, and France. These former NAZI nations, through their false freedom, intend to exploit British Commonwealth Africa and Black Diasporas globally. This can be seen in the operation of the Czech Government as it exploits the Reggae Music Business to mask their society in a type of NAZI Enclave 'European Diversity'. The record of Cannabis Shipments from Jamaica to NAZI Enclaves in EU Zones documents the process by which Rastafarians are enslaved to the Babylon Oppression System of Institutional Imperialistic Advance.
Ordainments Of British Commonwealth Value to Remediate Racism:

With proven diligence advantage, British Commonwealth Democratic Value can remediate the aftereffects of oppression that Africa has faced. Tafari Makonnen's objective was to work with Britain to assure Africa's success. This process commenced during the 1920's and extended into the 1930's when he was Crowned Emperor of Ethiopia. Notes from his meetings with British Authorities confirm this point. On February 1, 1965, The Queen of England, Elizabeth II, and The Duke of Edinburgh met with Haile Selassie Tafari Makonnen to develop programmes to assist in deploying Unity, Accord, Freedom, and Justice throughout Africa. Enemies of Haile Selassie have even claimed that he worked as a Divide and Rule Emperor whilst he drove out Italian Fascists with British Support. The documentation in regards to the enemies of Selassie is extensive, thus we ask stringent followers of Tafari Makonnen Menelik to conduct a verdant counterfuge operation whilst obtaining Reconnaissance.

Ancient Ghana:

Al-Bakri records that succession to the imperial throne of Ghana was by hereditary inheritance through the maternal line: 'This is their custom and habit, that the kingdom is inherited only by the son of the king's sister.' He goes on to explain the custom as follows: 'The king has no doubt that his successor is a son of a sister, while he is not certain that his son is in fact his own, and he does not rely on the genuineness of his relationship'.

Administration of Justice in Ancient Ghana:

The supreme judicial power in the empire was vested in the emperor, assisted by a hierarchy of subordinate officials. (SOURCE: West Africa Since A.D. 1000 - Book One: The People by F.K. Buah - Page 40-42)

Documenting Ordainment (Rasta Radio)
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Ras Kwasi and his perspectives on Africa. 'The Sudanese Condominium ruled by divergent France and The Imperial Kingdom of Great Britain during the late 1800's and 1900's could have been freed prior to 2011 when South Sudan became an Independent Nation State.'  Check out the tracks 'Africa As An Internecine Conflict Playground' and 'African Conflicts.'
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