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Considering the appeasement of Babylon by the interveners, let Tafari Jamaica U.K. consider the methods to comprehend the terminologies and nomenclature of Babylon. Adumbration, and concealment of success charters shall not work, yet notwithstanding, nor hitherto, the Applied Scientific Method, we can use our intuitive capacities to create Words, Sound, and Power for the purpose of dismantling Babylon's Oppression Systems without causing societal disorder. The documentation outlined by Artists of Tafari Jamaica can develop a remediate resultant progress through inferential resolutive thought processes to no longer be afflicted by the imperceptible factors and variables associated with deplorable living conditions within the Plantation Islands of Royal UK. Until Queen Victoria's Ghanaian Chancery and The Queen of England Her Majesty Elizabeth II document the illustrative solution, we shall protest to her English and Scottish Chancery Divisions to communicate our interpretation of exemplified success methods to improve our apparent plight.

Given many of Tafari Jamaica UK Chanters have been sacrificed in the Dutch/German Gold Rush operated from The ICC at The Hague, outlined in detail at www.ReggaeStation.net, until I, Ras Akwasi Baafi, promissory of the Okyeame Methodists and English Chancery Support Program, was attacked repeatedly by Air Strikes, I request we abate the system of injustice enclaved in NAZI Haarlem-Utrecht Regions. Thinking of the disaster associated with European Degenerate Conditions which caused slavery by Dutch, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, and other Mainland Piracy Organizations will abide us no safety, as documented by the repeated attacks and violations of British/American Integrate Constitutional Premise. Thus, we can quietly and saliently document the remnants of their evil repugnations and covert operations of insinuated harm in the adaptive set of Protests songs to chant down the European Piracy Systems. UT Ras was killed, along with Anthony B, Buju Banton and others by the Dutch Apartheid System which killed Peter Tosh and Bob Marley during the fall of Apartheid. Paralleling the death of Tafari's Reggae Chanters to Martyrdom is incorrect. Obviously, these have been proofs to document the end of Apartheid and European Oppression Systems. The method used to harm Tafari's Protesters can be interpreted into Inertiate Force for the methods of Akan Tafari's Freedom in Royal U.K. Jamaica, similar to the death of Acceampong, sent to Jamaica by the Paramount Chieftancies of Ghana for the purpose of Liberating Akans in the West.

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