Tangible Criminalization Harm vs. Unlawful Probable Proclivities associated with Marijuana Trading and Consumption

Learning directly the dangers of Marijuana on the Human Brain and Logical Systems, Tafari Akan is recommended not to consume Marijuana or any Herb other than legal British Teas. Becoming Paranoid concerning the death systems of Babylon's Incurred Insurrectional Propensity, realizations afford constituent premise to the Lawful Nature of Tafari Akan. Marijuana has consumed the lives of our fellow bredren and we ask Rastafari not to involve themselves in the corruption methods of Oppressors whom have attempted to convert the movement of Tafari Makonnen into a Criminal Enterprise.

Proclivity Misery Indices and Inclusive Statistical Propensity Indices Metrics (BioInformatics of Failure Amongst Tafari concerning Harmful Effects of Marijuana)

  • Convertment to Fraud Enterprise
  • Convertment to Centricalness through Abstainment from Herbs
  • Centricalness to Tea Based Purification Nutrient Uptakes
  • Diminutivity Probability Indices
  • Proclivities to Inefficient Non-Conformities and Incurred Harms associated with Fraud Enterprise
  • Proclivities to Insalubrity and Non-Conformities
  • Inunctive Divertive Proclivity
  • Variate Divertive Propensity Misery Indices Resultant
  • Variate Divertive Impetuous Residuation Deprecational Conformity
  • Aggravated Divertive Insurrectional Debasement Permutation
  • Aggravated Divertive Insurrectional Factionalization Permutation
  • Aggravated Divertive Insurrectional Incitement Permutation Conditional Deprecation of Tertiary Centurial Freedom Movement
  • Aggravated Divertive Insurrectional Iniquity Facilitation
  • Aggravated Divertive Insurrectional Gambler's Fallacy
Recommendations for Resilience amongst Tafari [Non-Participation in Marijuana Consumption and Trade]
  • Precedence of Resiliancy through Resonant Conformity
Recommended Efficiencies consterned to British Tea Consumption and Prohibiting Marijuana Consumption (Resilience Proclivity Indices)
  • Centricalness to Tea Based Purification Nutrient Uptakes
  • Digressive Inculcaltive Deprecation Conformity amongst Tafari Akan (Premises of Constituent Lawful Ordained Actions)
  • Resilience Probability Indices
  • Inculcative Conformity
  • Precedence of Resiliancy through Resonant Conformity
  • Inculcative Refluent Salubrity and Resilience Resonance Conformity

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