Tafari Vision

Tafari Vision 2020: Artist Repertoire and Integrated Defence

Tafari Vision SCM, is to document charges against Sabotage Factions using Writings, Riddim Verbiage, Edicts, and Progressive Acuitous Meditations and Thoughts of Betterment to Assent against Provocative Agent Provocateurs, Death Brigades, Racialist Death Brigades, Irracist Death Brigades, and Monetary Exploitation Extortionate Enterprisement embedded in The Liberian Ghanaian Slave System. The Qualms of Slavery can be addressed through Rhythmic Format for Tafari Vision SCM, a program owned and distributed by United Nations Security Council and United Nations CounterTerrorism Committee, and financially sponsored by Geneva Conventions Recompensatory Rewards Program and further bolstered by pending Passage of Recompensatory Abolition Acts of United Kingdom and Repatriative Justice Act of Maroc Kingdom. Precursory Passage of Recompensatory Abolition Acts of 2021 are premised in Abolition Acts of 1807 and 1833, with Land Reform Acts of 1837.

We as Rastafarians must recall that Slavery commenced from Women targeting Men and identifying us for Coercion Marriages, Crime, Warfare, and any premise other than Surveillance and Development. During the ensuant Warfare, Men were sold into Slavery through Criminal Incitement Raids and other apparatus of Papau New Guinea inferior persons. Working as British Citizens with Manumission Protocols and knowledge, as Marcus Garvey, Selassie, and others, we shall process the development of Advanced Economic Success using existent Absorptive Gravitational Method, using any inertia in our realms to quiver away from those whom trafficked us into Slavery.

Coastal Anthropological Studies reveal more about those whom incited us into Death and Slavery, spreading languages and formations of Slavery into our minds, as Capleton describes as Babylon Oppression, Babylon Inculcation Plan, and Babylon Mental Inculcate Incitement.

Documented in the Forensic Files of Oppressors and Slave Masters, the intent to Addict Rastafarians to Marijuana through Salting Jamaican Agricultural Lands, Variant Method Abuse Incitement Racketeering, Proliferating Illegal Lives, Criminalizing Mothers and Children, Racketeering Deprivement to Patrilineal Sources, Racketeering Abuse to Market Waste Poison Metals, Poisoning Meat Supplies and other methods are known. Sexual Addiction and Incitement to Abuse of Women and Male on Male Contact was precursory to Inculcate Babylon Infecction, to destroy Rastafari's Methods of Progress to cleanse our minds from Babylon's Oppressive Systems of Deprivement Racketeering and Indolence Proliferation.

  • Categorical Offence [Intense]: Intrusionary Rape with Intent to Exploit
  • Categorical Offence [Intense]: Intent to Mental Infection
  • Transitory Offence [Posited Congruent Incursioned Invasion]: Ghetto Garrison Genocide
  • Categorical Offence [Intense]: Adjudicative Mistreatment of Blacks and Hispanicas
  • Categorical Offence [Intense]: Adjudicative Failure to Attain Reparations through Courts
  • Categorical Offence [Intense]: Inability of Jamaica and Ghana Government to Organize Repatriative Investment Program of $120K Per Year Guaranteed Income for Disabled, Non-Disabled Adults

"Onwards to Betterment Plannings- Achieving the Objectives of King Hassan and Selassie" - Read More >>

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