Tafari Vision

Recompensatory Planting of Tea, Acacia, Conifers, and other Biodviersity Specimen in African Union

According to Kofi Annan, former UN Secretary General and UN Security Council Protester whom may have failed to topple Saddam Hussein's Regime using Violence and Illegal Recruitment of Mentally Ill Youth to counterfuge Islamic Faith Processes to neutralize enemies of Islam and Qadafi's Islamic Democratic Councils, Africa can benefit from Recompensatory Repatriative Investment in Farming, AgroTech, Structured Agricultural Forestries, and other methodologies to implement Biodiversity Objectives of the World Wildlife Fund, The International Monetary Fund, and Organization for Geological Integrity at The United Nations, formed in Davos Switzerland subsequent to World War II.

To fight retroactively against the repercussions of War Crimes, Terrorism, Economic Squalor Phasement, and other potentiations of Governments failing to counteract Adjacency War Crimes, First Degree Ecological Terrorism, and other methods of Africa being used as a Money Laundering Hub, the International Monetary Funds may consider using adept approaches of Universities and Economic Success examples noted in the speeches of Robert Kofi Baafi, the father of Mpatapo Educational Media Inc. Founder and the statements of CP a University of Ghana Kumasi Professor in the Brettuo Family Lineage of British Methodist Repatriative Investment Base allotted by Queen Victoria in the early 1800's, Akyem Mansah Ghana.

Objectives of African Congress for Integral Development Inc., GeoOrganics, and Mpatapo Educational Media Inc.

  • Counteract Accounting Indemnification Fraud
  • Develop Methods to Recover Africa from Inunctive Divertive Fiduciary Indemnification Fraud
  • Develop Overt Ubiquitous Methods to Counteract Variate Divertive Fraud Covertment

"Onwards to Betterment Plannings- Achieving the Objectives of King Hassan and Selassie" - Read More >>

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Methodical Societal Progress of Tafari Makonnen

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