Eugenics Medical Experiments in Modern Day:

Notably, the inured cruelty of Criminal Impartment Imputement Operations within Medical Industrial Institutes is extremely unlawful and distinctively a tangential paradigm of NAZI Eugenics Programs which were used to harm Jewish Persons, Political Prisoners, and humans with various disabilities in NAZI Germany prior to Allied Airstrikes. Comparatively, in context of programs commenced during the Kennedy Administration, persons afflicted by current Eugenics Programs face death at any time, including from methods whereby their deaths may be coverted as accidental. The Unconstitutional Operations of Scientific Researchers using BioChip Research in Applied Cross-Lateral Documentation of Medical Ailments should be outlawed. Defence Commands in Nordic NATO Zones have actually destroyed locations which implore to conduct illegal scientific research. We commend Nordic NATO for their operations to destroy locations which facilitate research which is similar to NAZI Germany’s Medical Research Disaster.

Marijuana Usage is actually used by BioChip Eugenics Imputement Locations to track persons whom maintain abnormal affects, tracking Riff-Raffs and others in 'Black' Society for further harm. Notably, the decision for persons not to worsen their physiological conditions and subject their lives to Substance Based Subjugation through Subservient Life Choices would be advisable at this juncture. In the case of Jamaican Protesters working against alms of Oppression associated with Apartheid and Decolonization Subdichotomous Procedural Easing, Tafari's Africa Decolonization Movement was coverted to incite anarchy for the purposes of Oppressive Europeans whom, whilst Rastafarians were enslaved in Marijuana Trading, varianced a deadly Economic Race which depleted Africa's Vital Mineral Reserves. This is evidenced in the British Ghanaian Gold Pound Currency Parity against British Sterling Pound Currency in 1958 - 1959, whereby Tractile Wars against Chinese Oppression were commenced.

Rastas were associated with the failed movement of Ogoni Environmental Protesters during the fall of Apartheid, which evidenced an important covertment fact. For Rastafarians at this specific temporal point in history to speak of Burning Oil Wells is extremely foolhearty and represents the utter failure of Tafari Armageddon 2000 to quell the disasters caused by the shear extortionate enteprise which incited Africa into complete death. Considering the peace and unity of movements in Africa whom sufficed to survive and to assure safety of European Investors whom intended to implore prosperity for the entire continent, including programs to replant the Sahara Desert for the objective to prevent Natural Disasters and Hurricanes, we issue out notices of support.

Persons and related Institutions of Nixon's CounterIntelligence Program whom maintained a 'Special Interest' to utilize BioChip Technology to infuse chaos throughout society during the 1960's and 1970's, according to one theoretical standpoint of Kennedy Administration Researchers, have used the imputement of crime to obtain appropriations to build prisons to house Vietnam War Protesters, Incorrigible Blacks denied New Deal Constitutional Guarantees, and others whom were comparted into the Castro Cuban Chemical Warfare Program. Intentionally, in modern day the criminal racketeering investors whom were direct conduicy usages of NAZI Chemical Warfare Operations are being sought by IMF Auditors, whom already have located swaths of land in South America and Central America used to destroy USA during the time of 2001 September to 2019 November.

Ignoble Deification of African Warlords was compared to Queen Elizabeth's Chartered Successes designed with Ethiopia's Constitutional Monarchy in the 1950's - 1970's. In this paradoxical paradigm, Apartheid Scientists whom commenced their imprecative implaguement of African Populations have used Amulatory Speech of Rastafarians to further infer disaster within British West Indies locations which subsequent to WWII were striving and achieving significant progress Economically. The diffuse divertment of Tafari's Protesters is a tepid example of disasters associated with Criminal Investors whom have used the modest and humble beliefs of Jamaican Peasantry Classes to covert ultimate destruction of British Sovereign Lands. Obviously counterfuge can be destructive for 'Netherlands' given it is definitively a morgue of Europe, with its infusion of Modern Day Slavery.

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