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With supporters of Tafari Makonnen expanding their operations, from Florida to Massachusetts reinforcing the itations of the Bobo Asante Movement started in the 1970's, whom faced immediate arrest, we at Rasta Radio are proud to document the works of Rasta Dub. In progress and earnest structuring of Tafari's Vision, Rasta Dub can increase in propensity and accuracy, establishing 100,000's of Rasta Dub Artists globally, to add to the current leading 100 Rastafarian Dancehall Dub Artists. Tafari Makonnen's expediency to afford Blacks success can be envisaged and achieved by Tafari Vision Dub Artists
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Rastafarians in Jamaica have made major success legalizing marijuana and thus with traversement of lawfulness, the Tafari Support community shall continue to grow. It is expected that the Warfare localized to Jamaica shall end and that Rastas worldwide will live in peace and prosperity, prospecting for the Visions of Tafari to be achieved. The lessons of Tafari pertinent to civil war are expounded by Tafari's Chanters in their music and divinations against this internecine discord are profound
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Eased Aggregate Depreciative Value between Spring to Fall, for customers in Maghribate SCM. Testing Tea Resultant Volvos as the primary driving factor of Tea Lands Growth Project in Maghribate, and specifically Libya for Trading openly with Italia and Palestinian Territories of Israel will improve the standing of Muslims Worldwide.
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End Point Resultant should derive similar Medical Affect as consuming Bergamot British Tea, with no negative Ecospheric Aftereffects. Integrated into Bulletproof Shield Fabric Matrices, the basic technology will exist. Recommended that Factories in South America, specifically Colombia, Peru, and Costa Rica design excess fabrics and donate them to shielded privates in the Armies of South America and Central America. The fabrics should resiliate against Bacteriological Impressions, and Standard Sprays of Metallics.
Volvo Defence Testing SCM
I-DIA Intelligence Grade Green Book Radio
I-DIA Intelligence Grade Green Book Radio

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