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With supporters of Tafari Makonnen expanding their operations, from Florida to Massachusetts reinforcing the itations of the Bobo Asante Movement started in the 1970's, whom faced immediate arrest, we at Rasta Radio are proud to document the works of Rasta Dub. In progress and earnest structuring of Tafari's Vision, Rasta Dub can increase in propensity and accuracy, establishing 100,000's of Rasta Dub Artists globally, to add to the current leading 100 Rastafarian Dancehall Dub Artists. Tafari Makonnen's expediency to afford Blacks success can be envisaged and achieved by Tafari Vision Dub Artists
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Rastafarians in Jamaica have made major success legalizing marijuana and thus with traversement of lawfulness, the Tafari Support community shall continue to grow. It is expected that the Warfare localized to Jamaica shall end and that Rastas worldwide will live in peace and prosperity, prospecting for the Visions of Tafari to be achieved. The lessons of Tafari pertinent to civil war are expounded by Tafari's Chanters in their music and divinations against this internecine discord are profound
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Earnest Risley Eaton was a Judge, Patent Attorney and Military General Command Officer. His children are operating between Maghribate Union and The United States of America in The Tripartite Agreement Program. The Marshal Program shall expand and with my Corporation, Precious Natural Resources Investments plans to spread development to The US Treasury for funding of The Maghribate Union Treasury. Once Maghribate Union residents are offered equivalent $35,000 Disability as Americans are, the Economy will improve significantly. Robert James Woolsey is quoted as saying this will be one of the 'Intuitive Solutions' to end the Economic Crisis within Maghribate Union Nations. The plight of Povertized Residents will be eased with direct funding of Debentures taxed with Military Force in The US Government Protocol from the Robbery and Extortion of Africa's Mineral Resource Pits. The funding Military Action is underway. We are working on a Defiance Promissory to expand on every objective of Al Qaeda's influencing leaders, to resolve the disunity with The West. The Defiance Promissory is established as to meet every demand and excel on the demands for a Heaven on Earth Society in Maghrib where women go to the beach with Hijab and there are Hijab only beaches. Once the nude beaches of France are outlawed throughout into Spain and Portugal under The King of Spain's Order to Unite the Ummah, the problem can then be ameliorated
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Charles Hastings Eaton was killed in Italy during 1943, but had children in Maroc, Siciliy, and Algeria. They are known as Aziz, his name Eaton derived into that format. Often facing Controversy the British Eaton's now in Maghribate Union Lands lead society and offer great efficacy within the Music Business. H.E. Records and C.H.E. Records follows E.R.E. Records, derived from Earnest Risley Eaton, an Australian Naval Officer in the American Military Joint Brigades. Hamilton Dean Eaton entered the African Theatre and freed North Africans from Nazi Invasion. In my case, my mother, H.E.'s daughter incursively and intuitively assisted Africa in marrying my father Robert Kofi Baafi of the Sala'fi Helpers within Ghana Great Expanse of Agrobusiness Trading. H.E. left a record with me to assist DIA to prevent Buildings Attacks in Maghribate Union States. IRA, Irish Government Investors, and Pakistani Units have been most dangerous working with Chinese Demolition Units to destroy Civilian Centers in Syria, Libya, and other MENA Federated States. The violation of MENA Sovereignty will be reciprocated with Capture Modes of uniting Mexican, Colombian and Cuban Teams to extricate the terrorists which make it difficult for Unity between Spain's Kingdom and The Islamic Ummah
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