Maroc Collective
Religious Trade in Maghribate Union will integrate SCM Traditional Product Factory Development Reserves to improve The Democratic Kingdoms of Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, and Qatar. Gold Prospecting PMMC Firms are set to raise $200 Trillion for AgroBusiness and Fisheries development within Ghana. Their next step is to phase yields to stimulate regrowth of the Sahara. Speciate to this operational modus, sod is required to add at 20 feet within all zones to layer for roots to grow once rains are gravitationally thrusted back in Jet Stream Control from Western Sahara Democratic Republic.

The decision for Western Sahara to be a Democratic Republic rests on Spain allying with Western Sahara in Economic Development, Factories SCM, and Electronic Goods Manufacturing Industries. According to this note, Ghana and Western Sahara are equivalent on the poverty scale, and treating both nations as home, Islamic Science Education Incorporated is working adherently to the clauses of the Tunis Accords and Tripartites Expansion Regime to enforce industrial manufacturing operations in all nations. In never the faith, is never the adherence to growth. Facing blindness from State Department Teams, US Central Command, and others, US Defense Intelligence Agency is training my operational methods in Acuity to Intelligence Gathering in Economic Reform, and Implementing The Ummah Treaties
Moroccan Street Music and Using Arabic German Lore to counteract Slave Racketeering

Moroccan Street Music uses Arabic Stories to counteract Slave Racketeering in Maghribate Union. Music and Legal Classification Codes describing Intrusionary Extremist Racist Criminals whom target Moroccans and Hispanics

Provisioning opportunities for Saharas spotted conifer Deserts to be transformed into the most plush Green Earth Lands known to mankind is the Gift of Al Lah. The power of Maghribate Union Nations to convert the Desert World War II Lands of Salt and Sand into a Green Plush Mountainous Plains will take time, but through speciated Reconciliation Media Environmental Design Programs Islamic Science Education Incorporated is educating the masses of Morocco, Libya, Algeria, Tunisia, and Egypt to develop their nations using Investments secured during the Seizure of Charles Taylor's Assets and IMF Grants matching the Seizure which ranges beyond One Thousand Trillion United States Dollars and shall assure that Morocco will recover from the damages ensuant relative to the incitement of Kidnappings, Terrorism, and Recruitive Extremism used by Allies of Rebels whom operate in Failed States.

Great Lakes of Sahara can return given the existent Aqueducts and the transformation will take less than 10 years given the Debentures are issued to Farm Desert Mountain Plans and control oxygen moisture resiliation and equilibriation to incur rains again to Deserts which allow the rains to be concentrated in West African Tropical Flood Zones.

During the Empires of Ghana, Mali, and Songhai what now appears to be a Desert was a Temperate Mediterranean Zone where Dates and Oranges grew. Studying North West African Diaspora History is quite important.
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