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Dutch Apology for Apartheid

Apartheid generated intense earnings for Dutch Businesses, and it is incumbent upon The International Criminal Court at The Hague and The Sovereign Dutch Kingdom Democratic Government to issue an apology for Apartheid. The Dutch System and Nation benefited enormously from the suffering and torture committed against South Africans, Namibians and others of Black Africa. During the height of Warfare in Sierra Leone, Dutch Streets were littered with Diamond Marketing Stores, operating in a dangerous network which facilitated Torture to yield earnings. We are documenting the earnings of Dutch Businesses from Apartheid in the past Century for an actuarial recompensatory assessment to assure specific laundered Dutch Wealth amassed through unlawful harm to Africa's Ecological Stability will be seized by IMF Systems, and distributed over the next 4 years to African victims of Racism, Warfare, and other contrivement inculcations. When entering Netherlands during 1999, the obviation of Injustice was evident. The ICC at The Hague was formed as a means to institute Apprehension Assurance Methods to Promulgate necessary State Sanctioned non-violent combat against Indemnification Methods for non-State Actors. Yet action against persons associated with Apartheid and decolonization incitement warfare structured after the Marshall Plan was augmented by The Hague Treaty of 1951, is delimited to nihl. The denazification implements deployed to recompense Europe, Africa, Asia, South America, Latin America, and North America subsequent to Axis Powers damage caused by War Crimes resolved in Statutory Trial through The Nurembourgh Commission are not adequate. Moreover to try Hostilities Combatants and decommissioned Traders involved in War Crimes during World War III, DIA and Russia must establish independent commissions oversighted by The British Crown Court.

To remediate, Russian President Vladimir Putin has acquired lands and vacation resorts for Tafari Jamaica to convert into Rehabilitation Facilities for Torture Victims of The West and Babylon's Oppression Schemes. Both within Africa, Northern Russia, Antilles Tropical Island Straits and South America, The Russian President has pledged a Doctorship for every Marijuana Selling Rastafarian and especially its Tafari Jamaica Chanters and Assemblage. Rasta Radio Thanks Russian State Television for Broadcasting a positive aspection of care for Humanity and to afford Torture Victims a right to pledge for their betterment to be procured into realization through Vacation Resort Rehab Hospitals where Rastas serve Marijuana, talk of Zion in absolution meditation session, and improve the educational abilities of their paid and welfared guests equally alike

Tafari Jamaica is a medical treatment religion for Torture Victims and the global inertia array within its core religious worship element is similar to the most precise Missile Defence System and Integrated Offence Scanning Societal Protection System

Russian Permanent President Vladimir Putin, also known to Rasta Radio as DJ Ras Putin, has confirmed that Russia requires 20 - 100 years of rehab to recover from World War II and economic downturns caused not only by excess Vodka and Alcohol Consumption amongst its populations, but moreover, addiction to Inefficient Foreign Imports. The manufacturing base in Russia is expected to expand with the Russian Government announcing a AMD Intel Equivalent MicroComputer Chip named TafariRas, to globe the world with the healers. Vladimir also verified that State Computers Systems will in the next 2 years rely on TafariRas, an Advanced Nanoprocessor using conflict free African Union Minerals Sourced reinforced Coltan Subpolymer which resiliates with EcoSphering. EcoSphering is a type of technology in engineering that improves the environment.

Russian State Investors hope the various exchange Governments agree for postresidual PSR aspected engineering deployments on EcoSphere Technology so an interchange market base is opened for research on Intercompatible Processor Motherboards and standard format Random Access Memory. EcoSphere is the latest craze in Estonia whereby Missile Defence Sharing to openly scan Allied Nations for Defence issues is a concern. The newly adapted EcoSphere Technology resiliates every known molecular isomatrices arrangement to a benign resultant. Although, EcoSphere is only a limited concept, adapted limited by 5 host nations, including Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Russia, and Latvia.

This is only one expansive project for The Russian Government. There are other Engineering Works at leisure for Russian Students to consider when enrolling in Free State Universities throughout the vital trading hub, internecinely fitted between Japan, China, and The North Pole

For Tafari Jamaica, the decidedly new line of Hotel Resorts led by Jamaican Rastafarians working in congruence with the Economic Objectives of The Russian Government, the prosperity is known and expounded by coalitions of acuitous leaders. Royal Rasta is also a Russian Cruise Line being opened by The Russian State to cater to Marijuana Smokers whom consider traveling in the great seas aboard reliable Naval Compliant and Seaworthy Vessels

"Onwards to Betterment Plannings- Achieving the Objectives of King Hassan and Selassie" - Read More >>

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